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Seniors Health & Healthy Aging - Mature Healthy Living for Senior Citizens -
Seniors Health & Healthy Aging - Mature Healthy Living for Senior Citizens -
Seniors Health & Healthy Aging - Mature Healthy Living for Senior Citizens -

The latest senior health and healthy living information for older adults. Information specifically for seniors is available below.

  Water Bottles May Cause Premature Aging

  Eating Healthy On A Budget

  Healthy Tips From Hall Of Fame Tennis Star

  E-Cigarettes Could Significantly Cut Tobacco Use

  Why Cheating On Your Diet Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

  Physician Shares Tips For Surviving The Easy Life

  Back Pain Causes You Won’t Hear About From Your Doctor

  Study Shows That People Who Undergo Cataract Surgery Live Longer

  Chelatian Therapy Gives Hope To Those With Chronic Eye Diseases

  Men Need Female Hormone For Sex Drive And Fat Control

  Health Insurance Marketplaces Are Not For Seniors

  Red Grapes, Blueberries May Enhance Immune Function

  Sleepless? Nearly 9 Million Pop Pills For A Good Nights Sleep

  7 Mistakes Nearly All Back Pain Sufferers Make

  We’re No Longer No. 1 But We’re Still Too Fat Says Physician

  Experts Tackle Prostate Cancer

  Health Screenings You Need If You're 50 And Older

  What If I Get Cancer?

  Is Bulldog-Face The Next Modern Epidemic?

  The Truth Behind Falls 5 Unknown Dangers Affecting Seniors Stability

  Psychiatrist Warns Too Many Unnecessary Prescriptions for Antidepressants

  Can't Remember Anything? There May Be Hope For You

  Baby Boomers Need Hepatitis C Test

  Taller Women May Face Higher Cancer Odds Later in Life

  78% Of Americans Admit They Could Benefit From Losing Weight

  Vitamin D Affects Genes For Cancer And Autoimmune Diseases

  Pets & Senior Citizen Companionship Leads To Improved Overall Health

  Important Medication Tips For Senior Citizens

  Senior Citizens Continue to Take a Bite Out of Health Care Fraud

  Senior Nutrition

  Statins Being Overprescribed For Growing Number Of Kidney Disease Patients

  First Aid For Seniors

  Healthy Eating For Seniors

  Exercise For Seniors

  Yoga For Seniors. Yoga Doesn't Come With Age Limits

  Senior Fitness And Active Lifestyles

  The Importance Of Strength Training For Seniors

  Symptoms Seniors Can't Afford To Ignore

  Over The Counter Pain Relievers When to Take Them, Which to Choose

  Estrogen therapy has no long-term effect on cognition in younger postmenopausal women

  Breast Cancer Beyond The Controversy Of Screening

  5 Tips For Healthy Aging Of The Eyes

  Healing Paradox: A New Approach to Treating and Curing Physical & Mental Illness

  10 Steps to Reduce Stress in Your Life

  High Dose Flu Vaccines For Seniors What You Need To Know

  The Health Tests Seniors Need

  The Doctors Seniors Need

  Are You Eating Enough? How To Talk To Seniors About Nutrition

  Surprising Health Benefits of Walking

  Healing with Light: Medicine of the Future

  Foods That Improve Your Eyesight

  Breath Test Could Possibly Diagnose Colorectal Cancer

  Physicians Share Tips To Prevent And Correct Signs of Aging

  Two meals a day may be better for weight loss than many small meals

  Are You in a Good Place? 7 Questions to Help You from Humdrum to Happiness

  5 Ways to Stay Slim While Indulging Yourself

  New tests may help predict Alzheimer’s

  Choosing and Using a Health Plan

  Cutting Calories Better than Exercise at Slowing Aging

  Pills Not the Best Choice for Sleepless Seniors

  When a Senior Moment is a Sign of Epilepsy

  Getting on the Road to a Long Life: Secrets of the Very Old

  A Grain of Truth About Healthy Foods

  To Improve Heart Health, Replace Bread with Beans and Oil

  Filling Up with the Right Breakfast Keeps Weight Down

  Stepping Up to the New Food Pyramid

  Keep Up Your Calcium

  Taking Fitness Personally

  It's a Matter of Fat: Crimping Calipers or Computations

  A Few Good Carbs - The New Glycemic Index Diet

  Diabetes and Nutrition

  Confused About Carbohydrates

  Tailoring Treatment for Epilepsy

  Many with Alzheimer's Do Just Fine

  Medical Treatment of Epilepsy

  Reading Alzheimer's Patients' Behavior

  Walk Away from Stroke's Side-Effects

  Is Trouble in Bed an Indication of Future Heart Disease?

  Stroke Rehabilitation

  Treating Post-Stroke Spasticity

  Can Pets Improve Your Health?

  Can Staying Lean Keep You Mentally Sharp?

  Adjust Your Attitude to Boost Your Memory

  Breast Cancer Survivors Not Getting Screened

  Damaged Gene Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

  Cancer Care Scores Higher Marks

  African American Disparities in Breast Cancer

  Making Decisions in Early-stage Breast Cancer

  African Americans Overcome Breast Cancer by Fighting it Early

  Role Reversal: Chemo Before Surgery for Breast Cancer

  More Than Mammograms: MRI for High-Risk Women

  Praying For Lower Blood Pressure?

  Do You Know Your Numbers?

  A Little Bit Of Melatonin Can Put You To Sleep Too

  Another Culprit In Breast Cancer

  Breast Milk and Children's weight

  Why Whole Body Scans Are A Bad Idea

  Cancer Therapy To Be Tested

  Menopause Weight Kept Down With Diet, Exercise

  Risks Of High Protein Diets

  The Secret Signs of Stress

  Contact Lenses and Blindness

  Hormone Replacement - When Less Means More

  High Cost of New Drug Research a Myth

  Newer Is Better In Implant For Prostate Cancer

  Hospitals Aren't Best Place For Heart Attack

  Take the First Step toward Lifelong Health

  Laser Holes In Heart Help Patients

  Be Wary Of Some Melatonin Ads

  Support May Elevate Pressure

  New Drug Fights High Blood Pressure

  Treadmill As Diagnostic Tool

  Inappropriate Drug Prescribed For Prostate Cancer

  Technology Noses Ahead

  Demographics And Death

  Selecting Healthy Embryos

  Lifestyle Change Could Slash Heart Disease

  Whole body Scans May Not Be Worth It

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